Present for the boss

Are you looking for the pefect gift for your boss?

The search for a gift for your boss, manager or supervisor is never easy. Often you pool money with colleagues and all want to express with this gift appreciation and sympathy for the boss. This can only succeed if the gift is truly unique and unusual.

EGO3D-a bust as a pefect gift for your boss

What about art instead of commerce? Maybe something classic which again tomorrow is not yesterday's news? And best something very individual and unique? With us you will find it!

The busts from EGO3D are high quality ​​art objects specifically made for you that are unparalleled. We only need three photos of the person and create with the latest technology and the long-standing expertise of our trained artist a real portrait bust.

What makes a bust as a gift so attractive?

  • A bust is as unique as the person it represents. It is hardly to get more personal but without steppping on someone's toes.
  • A bust is a work of art and can't measured at their real cash value unlike conventional gifts.
  • Nevertheless, our busts are not expensive although trained artists are responsible for the manufacturing.
  • You must not run a great effort for the gift. Just take three photos of your boss, choose a bust version, upload the photos and you're done!

The personal busts from EGO3D meet all requirements for a perfect gift for your boss!

EGO3D-a bust as a pefect gift for your boss

EGO3D gift idea - The perfect gift for the boss - a real boss gift!