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Are you a model maker and you like yourself as a pilot in your own aircraft model, car, helicopter, ...?
We sculpt your head on the basis of 5 normal digital images!

Here you find a sample from one of our customers:
Here is the original photo from our customerHere is the sculpted headand here the painted head from our customer

We just need 5 photos from you!
The best way is to ask your model friend to photograph you from the front, left and right side and left and right diagonally (45 degrees). In addition, we need a few measures to sculpt you correctly to your model scale.

The uploading of the images is easy and convenient:
After you had add the bust to the basket, you will be asked to indicate the pictures. Then, the upload will be done automatical.

Then, you will receive your head in a skin-coloured plastic material, which you can then paint easily yourself.

And here is the complete pilot from above:
Hier der fertige Pilot

Below are some scales with the prices. Please contact us if you can not find your scale. Tell us your scale and we will send you a quote.
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