Art meets High-Tech

Painters and sculptors knows since many centuries that it requires more than just copying to identify the special character of a person. In this tradition is EGO3D.

Our busts are works of art that are designed by people using the latest 3D technology which is available on the market. It is this combination of high technology and the "eye" of an educated artist which makes EGO3D busts to what they are: unique pieces that open up a fascinating look at the person.

Keyword Creativity: The diversity of the design of our busts are virtually unlimited. If you have any special idea for the design of your bust, we will gladly prepare a quotation based on your own design! We have listed a few examples below:

There was an upcoming farewell and the colleagues collected money for a special gift. They hired us to sculpt a very special bust which take reference to his job:

EGO3D-bust as a farewell present

The occasion for this special bust was a birthday. We should sculpt the birthday boy in a classic king's pose.

EGO3D-special bust as a bithday present