Our Production

Step 1: The 3D-model

First, we optimize your photos for the calculation of the 3D-model. Our self-developed software generates a rough head fom this photos. The output from our software is the base for the next step: the manual sculpting.

EGO3D-Step 1 of the bust production

Step 2: Manual sculpting

As good a computer model is only the re-working by hand lends extra depth to the busts and ensures that they are not only the person but also reflects the personality of the sitter too. Our team of educated artists sculpt by hand the details, the essential features and hair. Here again, the intermediate result is compared with the customer's photos. This modeling is performed on the computer and uses a highly specialized software that is used for example in the development of special effects in the film industry. This step is shown more detailled in the following video:

Step 3: The Production of the bust

The "rough draft" of the bust is created in a special machine with the help of the computer model layer by layer. We are using as a material a mineral powder which has proven in the production of prototypes in the automotive industry for many years.

EGO3D-Step 3 of the bust production

Unlike clay or earthenware our busts are not fired. Instead, we saturate them with a hardening liquid, so that they are strong as porcelain but not so fragile.

EGO3D-Step 4 of the bust production

Here is a very descriptive film about these steps: