Life-size custom busts from EGO3D

27.02.2013 19:24

More and more customers are looking for a life-size custom bust. Our affordable busts are based only on five normal photos which you can photograph yourself.

We can sculpt the bust also from already existing photos if the person is already passed away. Feel free to send us the pictures in advance by email for approval.

We can also sculpt persons from the past based on etchings or oil paintings! Please just send us the material you have by email to and we will give you a reply.

In addition to our proven photo process you can also come directly to our studio and can be scanned.
Take a look at our assortment and choose locally from our numerous variants your favorite.
In combination with some photos that we would like in addition, the modern 3D scanning method provides a particularly useful starting point for our digital sculptors.