Domestic delivery by DPD

17.03.2020 17:33

Almost all parcels that we send within Germany are delivered by DPD. Today, on March 17th 2020, we were informed by DPD that the package delivery is only contact-free due to the Corona virus, i.e. the contact between people should be avoided as far as possible.

The deliverer rings the doorbell and goes at least two meters away. If the recipient opens, the deliverer informs him of the contactless delivery and places the parcel. The deliverer enters the letters "AO" (for location) in his electronic device and then signs with his own signature. The recipient's signature is dispensed with.

If the deliverer does not find the recipient, the package will be sent back to us.

If the recipient refuses to accept it because of the corona virus, the package will be labeled and sent back to us.