Elvis figurine

25.01.2023 15:44

We created the large Elvis memorial in Bad Nauheim in the first half of 2021 which was ceremoniously unveiled at the 13th of August 2021. Since then we have received many inquiries if we can also offer a small version of the bronze monument. We ask for a little patience, but it's almost time. We have started preparing for the production of our Elvis statuette and will be able to deliver the first statuettes middle of March.

Since we modeled the Elvis sculpture in Bad Nauheim and created the cast model, you will receive the original from us, true to scale and with a consecutive number.

You can pre-order your Elvis statuette here: https://www.ego-3d.de/Elvis-miniature-of-the-sculpture-in-Bad-Nauheim

For every Elvis statuette sold, we will pass on 30.00 Euros to the two initiators of the large Elvis monument, who will use it to support other Elvis projects in Bad Nauheim.

If you are interested in a version in real bronze, we will be happy to offer it later.