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Are you looking for an extraordinary gift, a special decoration or a timeless snap-shot of a beloved person? Just send us 3 photos of that person and we will sculpt a  unique, high quality portrait bust. Our technical  know how accompanies with artistic experience and affords impressive artworks at sensational prices. Convince yourself of our busts in our gallery. There is a small selection from our now over 1800 sculpted busts.

We also manufacture especially for model makers your head in your scale from photos according to your dimension data! You can mount it on your existing figurine and place yourself in your RC car, plane, helicopter, ...

In addition to individual busts we sell authentic busts of celebrities of former epochs, too. Einstein or Tschaikowski, Shakespeare or Picasso, they are all manufactured in high quality plaster stone.  And in the categories "Sculptures" and "Photo gifts" there are more individual premium-presents for many occasions. A further glance of our assortment is worthwhile.